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Build Your Business

In this 1 on 1, live program, we will focus on growing your business. This includes Instagram and Website Creation. I will provide the tools and information to improve your business. Step by step, we will work on tasks that will expand your digital exposure, connect you with potential customers, and put your business in a position to encourage growth.

Module 1: Branding

Module 2: Instagram & TikTok

Module 3: Automation, Booking Site, Google My Business and Website

Module 4: Management, Promotions and Bonus Info

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Instagram Creation

In this 1 on 1, live program we will focus on building your Instagram page. Creating a consistent aesthetic, brand persona, scheduling, creating posts, improving SEO and more. This program is so beneficial because not only do we build your Instagram together, we will ensure you have the skills to continue running a successful Instagram page.

More and more people use Instagram to find businesses and services near them. Become one of the top options!

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Website Creation

In this 1 on 1, live program we will create your website, or update an existing website. Using SEO techniques, content creation, link building, multiple pages; service, reviews, etc and images of your offerings. Together we will work to get your website ranking well on Google for people in your business' area.

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