Answers to Your Questions

What is different about Spark's program?

Our digital marketing program for small businesses is different because it is much more inclusive than typical training. We train our students 1 on 1 and together we work on the business. The business owner/student will learn the skills and tools to continue growing the business after the program is complete. Rather than having someone work on your digital marketing, leaving you without the knowledge to continue it - we provide you with all the information to continue improving.

How is the training done?

The training is done over virtual calls. Twice a week for 7-weeks, we will work on your business for an hour. Not only does this help improve your business due to hands-on efforts, it also allows you to understand why we are doing the step and how to do them yourself.

How does payment work?

For the Build Your Business Program, there are 2 payment options:
4 payments Bi-Weekly
2 payments Monthly
The cost is sent through e-transfer.